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    Tray with two conveyer belts, safe and endurable

    the handle which control the conveyer belt transmission distance

    control panel

     counter: count how many booklets have made


    HD-ZY3 booklet making machine introduction:

    1. Binding form: saddle binding, Ring binding, flat binding, angle binding.

    2. Binding and folding are at same position, ensure the staple into the book spine accurately, finish binding and folding at one time.

    3. Not only bind book by manual but also can bind book by automatic.

    4. Specially binding head designment(it is easily to change the driver slice of the binding head),the main part of the binding head is made of high strength alloy steel for keep long term using.

    5. Apply griping section interactively, no damage to the files

    6. Can show the times of binding and if no staple,avoid waste.

    7. Install easily,operate simply, do not need maintenance.

    8. Can be operated connecting with collating machine.

    9. Suitable for off-line production of brochure in the digital work environment, establish the brochure production plan with the digital printing machine, and have the characteristics of flexibility, practicality, economy, specialization.

    10. Apply a 45 º feed angle, is convenient for papers feed, connect to the on-line trimming knife can be 2 times of production efficiency.

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